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Stage Ghost D30 Long Sleeve Baselayer Solid Black

Stage Ghost D30 Long Sleeve Baselayer Solid Black

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So Natural, It’s Almost Supernatural
To achieve true freedom of movement, we must look beyond the known realm of existence and trust there can be a superior means. For athletes who do not perceive the norms of physical limitations, the proof of that evolution lies in functional design.

The Stage Ghost Base Layer Collection delivers the highest level of mobility found in a comprehensive underlayer protection system by incorporating materials from D3O®. The D3O® Ghost™ protection is a breathable mesh fabric that lays perfectly when worn. Achieving new levels of ergonomic fit and flexibility, this engineered collection blends so seamlessly with the natural movement of the human body, that it almost feels supernatural.
• Lightweight, breathable mesh body
• Articulated, engineered fit
• D3O® Ghost Chest pad
• D3O® Level 2 Back Protector
• D3O® LP1 shoulder pads
• D3O® LP1 elbow pads
• Auxillary molded rib padding
• Pad anchor system to provide support for pads
• Silicone infused cuffs for added grip and anti migration


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