We have a crew of employees who love the sport. It is important for people who visit to feel like they can share their experiences and trust us. Our objective isn't only to have a fully loaded store, but to support the sport by encouraging people to ride. l'm very proud to say that Phxtreme has become known as a destination for motor heads who visit South.

 Why do PHXTREME exist? 

I'm originally from Argentina but moved to Florida in 2000. I started riding dirt bikes when I was 8 years old.

My issue was that I could not find a real motocross store in southern Florida, something like you would find in California. I couldn't under stand why there were so many Pro riders coming out of Florida, yet there wasn't a single motorcycle store at the same level. That's when I decided to open Phxtreme.
Now we are one of the eight biggest motorcycle stores in the USA, according to Troy Lee Designs."